Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hello and, yes, it's me again... :)

In the run-up to completing the Rachel Allen Easy Meals Challenge, a lot of readers asked me if I going to do another one and, with Rachel’s new book Cake out, it seemed an obvious choice. However, when contemplating a new blog, I know three things (1) I couldn’t keep making a new recipe and blog about it every day having spent the past 6 months doing exactly that; (2) one recipe a week was more manageable; and (3) probably just as well as I seriously couldn’t eat a cake recipe every day. Although Dear Husband would try his best but, no, I’m the gatekeeper to his health and healthy eating and so I wouldn’t be doing a good job of that if I encouraged him to polish off baked delights every day.

Then when I thought about cooking every recipe out of Cake, I thought that it would be a foregone conclusion as every recipe would probably score a 10. However, I had to remind myself that it was me who was cooking the cakes and not Rachel. If you look at the cook book, you will absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous pictures but, be forewarned, I can safely say that many of my attempts will probably not resemble anything like them. Therefore, this blog should be regarded as the enthusiastic attempts of an ordinary person (with no formal cooking experience) attempting to recreate each entry of the Cake cook book. Furthermore, I think that my posts will probably highlight all the things to avoid when you attempt the cakes yourself. So here goes…

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